In one of the studios there was a speaker system, JBL something, two 15″ bass drivers, probably one . 4th midrange driver: JBL H Go to measurements. The H are not aquaplased as the H’s. How are their sonic character? I’ ve been told that JBL would have to come up with a four-inch. I’ve got a couple of JBL h drivers that I’d like to use in mid range horns. They would slot in between a JBL h L/F and a 1′ HF CD/horn.

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These studio monitors are my inspiration, and let’s get to my main concern immediately, because the reason for holding back on such a construction is the issue of time-alignment of of midrange driver and the horn. What does that mean? 212h3

This seems to work very well indeed. Green is no baffle. All of a sudden I found out I had tightened the straps so much the cabs started bulging on the middle being mm wide. The Hypex module does not have to be flush jl, but it looks nice when done.

Images : JBL 2123H

Go to FA page: In the case 2123hh the 15 inch woofer it generally agreed that 1K is the max crossover point before it becomes sub optimal in terms of cone break up. The horn had a foam gasket. The two JBL H drivers on actual baffle. Results below under measurements. Took damn near a year.

Used JBL H Loudspeakers for Sale |

All fillets in place. First step is gluing outer panels, two upper braces with mid cabinet and the upper part of the rear panel in one take.

A good sign of very low distortion. Please enter a valid postcode. Make also sure you have kbl plane working table, here some 30 cm tall.


Recordings that had jl been “problematic” and subject for unpleasant comments to the producer, all of a jvl came to life and embarrassingly told the story of how weak a 1223h speakers can be, how much membrane area is really needed to deliver the true dynamic of most recorded music and how much is lost in poor energy transfer. From client work I know its larger sibling, and I liked what I heard.

Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. Marking drivers and preparing for routing. Fostex has a range of attenuators that look good – and they are not exactly cheap. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. I just received one. While in theory a pure piston range system can only be a kbl way driver setup the compromise there is a the diffuse nature of the system imaging capabilities. Speakers were driven from some Citation NN amps and we were listening to a recording coming from a 2″ master tape!

As long as the re-cone kits don’t dry up you can essentially build yourself a factory fresh pair.

Check eBay for alternatives. I’m really glad you finally have a workable pair. The drivers used are more than capable of covering that frequency range. To time-align – or not time-align Do we need to time-align the midrange and horn with steep slopes and a point of crossover around 1.

Have a 15″ Ciare bass driver that needs company. I found them at reasonable price and they appear to be in mint condition, no sagging of the spider or anything not performing as expected. It goes to show you that if you ship enough drivers out eventually some will arrive in decent shape. Slightly smoother roll-off towards low-end, but also a minor bump at 3 kHz.

The losers at their warehouse tossed it in a box with some peanuts and it got pretty busted up in transit.

JBL 2123H 10″ 8 Ohm Midrange Audio Speaker 101 DB Sensitivity 250 Watts Cont.

Seems that would be a mbl deal harder to get right. Don’t even think the simple passive crossover for the bass driver kills dynamics. The Hypex compartment is big enough for housing this or any coming Hypex Fusion module, except FA, but I’m not going to use this 3-way module.


Box, total amount of packing 2123hh the box, and maybe the only intact pair of FEs that’ll ever be seen in the wild. People then try and make the horn smaller and that makes matters much worst. Too often we see a convergence on the driver wow factor thingy and not more broadly on systems integration.

The outer shell will be some 50 kgs, and then comes bracing, 2123n cabinet, crossover cabinet, Hypex cabinet, etc. On listening to a and comparing it to a there is no comparison.

Impedance of bass driver in cabinet. Download Complete Kit Sale Presentations pdf file: This is very high to present standards and makes the 18″ bass driver handle all of the lower midrange. The longer fog horn sounds even more horrible crossed over at hertz. As said above, I’ve been seriously disappointed going back in time reviewing stuff I found great many years ago, but that unforgettable memory of the JBL system at Danish Radio some 30 years ago turned out to be valid.

How 3″ or 4″ compression driver behaves under Hz or may be Hz, because filters are not idealhow large the excursion of its diaphragm in the region under Hz???