Michael Atavar is an artist and a consultant with a practice that mixes creativity, business, art and psychology. Michael Atavar is an artist and consultant with a practice that mixes creativity, business, art and psychology. He currently works with individuals and businesses. How to be an Artist by Michael Atavar, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The results of my creative approach might be innovation, better listening skills, team building, increased productivity or new ways of thinking. Employing creative tools to effect business changes.

My recent book How To Have Creative Ideas in 24 Steps – Better Artsit contains examples from my recent work in the creative industries and offers tips, exercises, group tasks and games. Whether you are working in business or teams, leadership or creative solutions, this volume will help you to locate the good idea.

Age of Artists

Read an interview that I did with Age of Artists about creativity and business. You might be someone running a team in a creative agency; you might be experiencing a creative block; you might want to get your employees to collaborate more effectively; you might need to restructure your company; you might want to develop your own creative leadership skills.

I workrun workshops and give talks and keynote speeches about the impact of creativity on organisations and individuals. I facilitate events and ideas sessions for creative agencies and businesses in the UK and Europe. I also offer coaching for business leaders, a one-off intervention, or a longer-term relationship. Working with creative blocks, innovation, brainstorming, product development, new ways of thinking, leadership.

How To Be An Artist by Michael Atavar

Try it as part of your individual practice or within your creative agency. Michael Atavar for Psopo Bubble Website: Being Creative Michael Atavar We often treat creativity as if it was something separate from us – in fact it is, as this book demonstrates, incredibly simple: This is a book that offers you some techniques for generating ideas.


However, rather than describing brainstorming processes that already mochael, I look to the unconscious as a source of inspiration. Everyone Is Creative Michael Atavar Focuses on the power of creativity and how it can transform your life. What do we need to be creative?

Actually we already have ah tools within us; we carry them with us every day — our eyes. I guide you through the basic principles of the creative process — how to begin, developing an original voice and working with creative blocks. From beginner to famous artist, everyone at some time in their career will become stuck. These twelve rules will help you to navigate the stages of impasse, freeing up the log-jam of ideas. I believe that you can grow your artist in a nurturing and supportive way, giving it the time and resources to develop and blossom.

Being Creative: Be inspired. Unlock your originality : Michael Atavar :

This is a book that takes the inner artist seriously — the playful, the complicated, the difficult part — leading it on a journey that includes starting, building a practice ISBN In the set, the orange cards are used for sparking ideas, whilst the other deck, the grey cards, are designed for building on those initial concepts.

Use both in a sequence, orange first and then grey, to generate and complete an idea. The box is ideal for ideas generating or group process sessions BUY. After working with many leading creativity tutors as the Head of Programmes for The School of Life there is no doubt in my mind that Michael Atavar’s abilities to elicit deep and sustained creative thought in others is world-class.


The general public are sometimes moved to tears after experiencing his methods firsthand and professional clients no less vitalised by his teaching. Michael has been a mentor and a huge inspiration to me in my career for a number of years now.

The sessions with him are always hugely artizt and he’s taught me a lot about leadership and creative confidence.

This has been invaluable to both my work and my own personal development. Michael has the ability see your potential before you see it yourself. When I started working with him he quickly pointed out that I needed to develop my own brand and encouraged me to step up at work and take on a leadership role.

How To Be An Artist

Working with Michael is always an amazing and incredibly productive experience. He combines his own artistic talents and business insights to bring fresh and exciting ways for people and teams to rediscover their own creativity. His practical approach is a fantastically accessible way of stimulating creative confidence which can empower people to more easily turn their ideas into reality.

Michael is a breath of fresh air that can bring a real shift in thinking and behaviours to business, leaders and teams. This is a creative sentence going here, about this long.