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Hkc Hybrid Panel Keypad, New Other Electronics For Sale in Rathcoole, Dublin, Ireland for euros on Designed for larger domestic and commercial applications the SW incorporates both HKC’s SecureWatch wired and SecureWave wireless technologies. Hkc control panel, wired remote keypad, internal siren and backup battery with 8 year life, Hkc wireless external siren with 7 year battery life,

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Stop unauthorised exits and entries through emergency exit doors.

Commercial Alarm Systems – SW Hybrid | HKC

CO is a highly dangerous. Ideal for residential and small commercial applications. Installation and Programing will remain in English. Over two decades of experience are found in our ID wired inertia sensor. They have a latching function and are easy to install. A high-quality optical smoke detector offering outstanding detection performance at a very competitive price.

hjc It communicates to the. Compatible with WisDom Security Systems. A high-quality Class B fixed temperature heat detector offering khc detection performance at a very competitive price. It is supplied in a robust metal enclosure with a lift-off lid and heavy-duty base connections for easy first fix and straightforward maintenance.

Title SW Hybrid. Third-party certified to the relevant parts of EN54 in conjunction with our ActiV detectors. Using its ability to analyze vibrations it detects. Expander – 10 Zone.

Most conventional fire systems are designed to work with two pairs of wires per zone: C Mulit-Sensor Fire Detector. This unique device has been helping stop false fire alarms around hjc world for.

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The LCD keypad has a backlight. Supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, 2, 4 and 8 zone versions are available, each featuring four conventional sounder.


EP Automatic Extinguisher Panel. A range of communicators and warning devices are also available to choose from. Panic Button Single Push. The Elegant Keypad is our new, contemporary touchscreen keypad that is extremely h,c and reliable and is compatible with our hybrid and wired intruder.

Long range lens 23m. Commands and notications will be displayed and annuciated in Irish for the end user. The RF Heat Detector is ideal for kitchens, garages, boiler houses and other areas where there are normally high levels of fumes, smoke or dust.

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A slim aesthetically pleasing keypad designed to complement modern interiors and comes complete with an extensive audio library. The RF Smoke Detector is an optical smoke alarm using the light scatter principle, giving a quick response to all standard fire types.

A high-quality rate-of-rise heat detector offering outstanding detection performance at a very competitive price Manufactured by C-TEC in the UK Third. Similar in size to an average car key-fob the RF Fob delivers a range of features from. The EP three zone automatic extinguisher panel has been specifically designed for use in areas housing expensive, dangerous or irreplaceable items of. A steel cage used to protect the external sounder from physical damage.


Protective cover to help stop malicious or accidental false fire alarms. It can be programmed to. It has a latching function are easy to. Stopper, hkx mount with integral sounder – Red STI Notification of voice, SMS, e-mail to 16 telephone numbers, messages: Panic Button Dual Push. Made of polycarbonate the base has a number of installer friendly features such as screw holder.

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A very useful device for the end user to control their alarm system. The panel is a true hybrid and communicates with an extensive range of wired and wireless devices including life protection devices. It reports up to 8 channels Fast Format. Our experience over the years with both contact and inertia shock sensors has been combined with our advanced SecureWave two way wireless platform to create an.

The single double push panic buttons are compatible with all HKC wired and hybrid panels. The Decoy Base is available with Blue or Red strobe lens.

This double push panic RF panic button is aesthetically pleasing and compatible with all HKC wirefree and hybrid panels.

RF Dual Push Panic. Can be ceiling mounted in.