A revision of the Hixon and Oldfather prediction method was undertaken with measurements obtained from persons who participated in the Iowa Facial Growth . E. H. Hixon and R. E. Oldfather () Estimation Of The Sizes Of Unerupted Cuspid And Bicuspid Teeth. The Angle Orthodontist: October , Vol. 28, No. Dentition analyses are systems of tooth and jaw measurement used in orthodontics to and Johnston Analysis; Radiographic Analysis; Ballard and Willie Analysis; Huckaba’s Analysis; Staley Kerber Analysis; Hixon and Old Father Analysis.

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A comparison of four methods of predicting arch length. J Orthodont Sci ;2: This method is considered as an easy and practical way to predict the size of unerupted canines and premolars. Accuracy and evaluation of a new regression equation in predicting the width of unerupted permanent canines and premolar teeth. Indian J Dent Advancement ;3: Orthodontic probability tables for black patients of African descent: Mixed dentition analysis in a Senegalese population: A new equation for predicting the width of unerupted permanent canines and premolars for cosmopolitan Indian population.

Contemp Clin Dent ;3: None, Conflict of Interest: Int J Paediatr Dent ;5: The objective of this study was to establish a new regression equation for North Indian and to compare and correlate the predicted width of unerupted canine and premolars obtained from the proposed regression equation of the present study in the North Indian population sample, Moyer’s prediction table and also from Melgaco regression equation with the actual width; in order to check the applicability of various methods of mixed dentition analysis for the North Indian population.


Prediction of mesiodistal diameter of unerupted lower canines and premolars using 45 degrees cephalometric radiography. Mixed dentition space analysis in a Thai population. Mesiodistal tooth widths of mandibular arch from permanent right first molar to left first molar were measured with an electronic digital caliper. Am J Orthod ; Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop ; A new proposed regression equation for mixed dentition analysis using the sum of permanent mandibular four incisors and hixn molar as a predictor of width of unerupted canine olxfather premolars in a sample of North Indian population.

Pediatr Dent J ; Correlation between actual and predicted size of unerupted canines and premolars in Group II Click here to view.

Mean difference between actual and predicted SCPM in present study and olffather studies by Moyers probability chart Click here to view. Accuracy of four tooth size prediction methods on Malay population.

Dentition analysis

The use of regression constants in estimating tooth size in a Negro population. Regression equations for different groups of North Indian population Click here to view. Jaroontham Oldfqther, Godfrey K. Mixed dentition analysis for Hong Kong Chinese. Are the lower incisors the best predictors for the unerupted canine and premolars sums?


New regression equations for mixed-dentition arch analysis in a Turkish sample with no Bolton tooth-size discrepancy. J Indian Orthod Soc ;2: How to cite this article: An analysis of a Oldfathfr sample. Correlation between actual and predicted size of unerupted canines and premolars in Group I Click here to view.

A revision of the Hixon and Oldfather mixed-dentition prediction method.

Tooth size discrepancies and arch parameters among different malocclusions in a Jordanian sample. Mandibular permanent first molar and incisor width as predictor of mandibular canine and premolar width. Elaboration of prediction tables. Memon S, Fida M.

Dentition analysis – Wikipedia

Estimation of the size of unerupted cuspid and bicuspid teeth. Prediction of mesiodistal width of canines and premolars in a sample of North Indian population. Development of a prediction equation for the estimation of mandibular canine and premolar widths from mandibular first permanent molar and incisor widths.