Since the production of her first solo play, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), she has become widely known and revered in the theatrical and literary. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Ann- Marie MacDonald. Photo by David Hawe. Used with permission from Random. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) [Ann-Marie MacDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this exuberant comedy and.

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Othello murders Desdemona, Juliet kills herself, and Constance Ledbelly throws a pen and a manuscript into a wastebasket.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) | American Shakespeare Center

Mercutio is Romeo’s close friend and kinsman. How fast and furious can they talk? In scene 7, Juliet pulls Constance up to her balcony with a rope. Othello binds Iago and expresses his gratitude to Constance. Audience Engagement Events Shakespeare Onstage Goovmorning This citywide event, much of it free, is a community celebration of the Bard with exhibits and special events to engage the young at heart — children, youth, and adults.

Retrieved December 29, from Encyclopedia.

In scene 8, Desdemona confuses Romeo for Juliet and tells him to meet them in the crypt. Desdemona arrives and asks whether Constance may stay with them. Iago shows Desdemona the page from the Gustav manuscript, saying that he found it in Desdemona’s underwear drawer.

First performed in Toronto inGoodnight Desdemona is the story of Constance Ledbelly, a quirky and absentminded academic who is writing a doctoral thesis about two of William Shakespeare ‘s tragedies.

Shortly thereafter, she reveals that she’s actually a woman and points out that she’s a good deal older than Juliet.


Review – Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) – Canadian Stage, Toronto – Christopher Hoile

Once the show begins, the describer transmits pertinent physical action and visual information between the lines of dialogue. Though it may seem a far cry from Stoppard, MacDonald’s rollicking, bawdy, even raucous comedy operates in much the same fashion.

Not all of MacDonald’s commentary is satirical, however. She is a somewhat clumsy and absent-minded person, but she has a great talent for teaching and literary analysis.

He is a bitter and crafty liar who manipulates Othello into killing his wife. In scene 7, Juliet pulls Constance up to her balcony with a rope. He is a war hero of the Venetian empire, engaged in battle with the Turks on the island of Cyprus. At the beginning of the play, she is a frustrated doctoral candidate in love with Professor Night.

Palmer uses blackouts for the transformation goodmornign from Constance’s office to Othello’s Cyprus to Romeo’s Verona to a graveyard and back to the office. Juliet exclaims that she loves her all the more.

In the following essay, the critic uses a production of Goodnight Desdemona Good Morning Juliet as occasion desde,ona remark on other plays built upon Shakespeare’s works. The reviewer Gerald Weales goes further and suggests in his review for Commonweal that the witty humor of the play “defeats itself” and subverts its feminist message.

Marta Dvorak points out, goodnigjt her essay for Canadian Theatre Reviewthat Constance changes from the role of spectator to the role of “actor and author.

The swish and swirl onstage, coupled with wonderful parries and thrusts, and great bursts of bravado, cloaked in rhythmic language, simply charmed me.

Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet at Belfry Theatre – a review

Elizabeth was a shrewd, able monarch who presided over a period of increased power and prosperity in England. Romeo introduces Constance to Juliet, and Juliet falls in love with her. Juliet dances with Constance while Romeo and Tybalt watch suspiciously. All of these elements, as well as numerous other details, are effective jupiet establishing the setting and atmosphere of the work as well as amusing and challenging the audience.


She is as bloodthirsty and quick to jump to conclusions as is Shakespeare’s Othello. Broadly speaking, goldmorning is the advocacy of women’s rights, and it is a movement that dates back centuries.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

The major disappointment is the unimaginative direction and design, which never rise to the level of MacDonald’s invention. Constance’s chief function as the “Wise Fool” and, more important, as the “Author” and feminist literary scholar goodnigh the play is to formulate a comedy out of a tragedy. Constance asks Desdemona for help in her quest to discover who originally wrote Shakespeare’s plays. In scene 3, Constance pounces on a servant because she believes that he is the Wise Fool, but she finds instead that he is giving out invitations to a masked ball thrown by Juliet’s father.

MacDonald creates the fictitious Constance Ledbelly, and in this story of a timid scholar reclaiming the authorship of her own life, appropriates the plots, characters, and very lines of Shakespeare, making them her own.