Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Fantômas has ratings and reviews. Fabian said: Fantômas, written by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, was followed by no less than 42 sequels. Praise. [Fantomas is] like going on a roller coaster: you know what to expect but you scream, with fear and pleasure, anyway They don’t write’em like that.

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My only negative comment and its not really a bad one wo Another case of a book I would probably not have picked up if it had fanromas been on the list.

In circumstances unrevealed, he was arrested and sent to prison.

Fantomas by Marcel Allain, Pierre Souvestre | : Books

Inspector Juve knows that all “One episode simply melts fabtomas as the next takes over” The New York Times in this deliciously sinister turn-of-the-century tale of a French evil genius run rampant. And he also makes some pretty stupid mistakes for being such a genius mastermind. Just not really a must-read. Why he does some of these things I never found out, but he does them anyway.

I know Shakespeare did these things, too, but at least he had other things going for him. Le cercueil vide The empty coffin.

May 20, Noran Miss Pumkin rated it really liked it Shelves: The language is superb for expanding one’s vocabulary and will have readers or at least this reader reaching for their dictionaries.

This is top rank pulp fiction, a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Dick Barton with a sense of gruesome theatr Melodramatic B-movie thriller of a novel. His mask in the Latin American version — which was clearly inspired by the black mask worn by the Italian comic book criminal Diabolik — and his use of it, seems to have been influenced by the popular images generated by Mexican wrestling.


Second, the movie rights to the books were immediately snapped up. Juve cleverly pursues him in speeding trains, down dark alleys, through glittering Parisian salons, obsessed with bringing the demon mastermind to justice. Charles is the son of M.

He seems to possess the extraordinary gift of being able to slay and leave no trace. Stanley Paul, ; New York: The first half of the novella, “Reign of Terror” by R. There is a detective, Juve. Time does not pass evenly, and not still clear about the motives for the murders. Motive is unimportant – devious method fzntomas everything.

Juve’s “philosophy” of detection is evidence-based, depending on keen observation, surveillance, disguises, facts, forensics, deductive reasoning and skeptical analysis that challenges and scrutinizes each theory of a crime. Amazingly, I guessed who Fantomas was masquerading as for most of the book, but it was a wild guess and I wasn’t sure.

This was apparently meant to be the same character, although rewritten as a hero, and with no acknowledgement to the original French books or films. Is he a phantom? The locations are still preponderently upper class: He is responsible for murders, thefts, and other various criminal activities.

It even has some quotes reminiscent of the great Holmes. He was a very modern sort of amti-hero, of the kind that was to become depressingly ubiquitous from the s onwards. I am the first book and it is very good. This is a mystery souveetre with more questions than answers, and a cast of characters straight out of the early 20th century Parisian culture.

Some just robbed, others killed. Physical Description p.

Fantômas (Fantômas, #1) by Marcel Allain

This may be the value of reading older literature Learn how and when to remove these template messages. All manner of horrible revenges threaten me to-day. Endlessly run subplots around, have other characters also take up multiple disguises themselves, zouvestre the whole thing seems like some endless lysergic hall of mirrors, reflections of reflections of reflections, perhaps even an arch-satire of the serial adventure novel Have the entire world doubt his actual existence but fear his very name Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait Books by Marcel Allain.


There he fathered a child, Vladimir, with an unidentified noblewoman. The writing is pulpy and rather clunky and the pacing is very uneven. The Celtic Rebel Gantomas It is a series. Lists What are lists? In the books, it is established that c. Praise [ Fantomas is] like going on a roller coaster: Nakladni zavod Matice Hrvatske, But when Allain and Souvestre created the character he represented something genuinely new and fresh.

Oh, he’s the bad guy in case you hadn’t figured that out, at least he is in the first book, I have no clue what he is by book 40 or so.

Pierre Souvestre

In this version, he does not perform a villain’s role, sovuestre becomes an ally and friend of the protagonists. He is nowhere and everywhere at once, his shadow hovers above the strangest mysteries, and his traces are found near the most inexplicable crimes, and yet——” I would love to meet a person who is two human beings at one time and is nowhere and everywhere at once, but unfortunately I know absolutely no one who has this talent.

Fantomas is a less well known French literary character when compared to Arsene Lupin. Login to add to list.

This single location in Victoria: He appears to have been born in A Limb Of Satan. View online Borrow Buy.