No abras los ojos Shut Your Eyes Narración en Castellano (Audio Download): : John Verdon, Josema Soler, © John Verdon, Javier Guerrero (traduccion), Roca Editorial de Libros S.L. (de esta edicion) (P) Audible, Inc. No abras los ojos [Shut Your Eyes] (Narración en Castellano) (Audible Audio Edition): John Verdon, Josema Soler, Audible Studios: : Audible Canada. No Abras Los Ojos: John Verdon: Books – No es EL libro para volver a leer, pero como producto de entretenimiento, cumple.

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No abras los ojos by John Verdon on Apple Books

Verdon is an American novelist. As others have noted this would be much better if it were a hundred pages shorter. As in why oh why are I subjecting myself to this book.

I don’t normally go for series, but there’s something about Dave Gurney, retired detective with a difficult marriage and a tough time staying idle, that invites revisiting. Dave is a brilliant guy and an experienced police detective. Well they are when you find yourself skimming the pages.

View all 5 comments. And probably knows it, but doesn’t care. According to him, she is insightful and loving and beautiful and perfect.

No abras los ojos

View all 4 comments. In Verdon’s words; ‘Detective stories are essentially moral in their orientation — not just because the good guy wins, but because the structure of the form tends to value objectivity above convenience and truth above personal gain. Gurney destroys deceptions, is after truth Let the Devil Sleep.

The other was in summing up what he thought really happened in this case, while talking to his sidekick Detective Hardwick in a room that very possibly could be bugged. Nope this book was not for me. Son siempre asesinatos en donde todo parece literalmente impos Mi detective favorito: No trivia or quizzes yet.

John Verdon · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

Both cerebral and inordinantly violent, the Gurney series stand out well above most other authors. Normally it seems the same reader does the series.


You just can’t put the damned story down. I don’t know how he’ll come out of the next book – perhaps he’ll die and come back to life.

He also became a fan of classic detective stories, in all their varieties from Conan Doyle to Ross Macdonald to Reginald Hill. So, at times I felt this story was too ‘long winded’ – and there was a lot going on at the same time-best I can describe it. In the foreground we have our mystery, the crime, and the consequences of that on the architecture and inhabitants of the hidden city, the agenda and the detective pursuing that agenda.

Desperate to protect Madeleine and bring an end to the madness, Gurney ultimately discovers that the killer has left a trace after all.

His job had energized and challenged him When Dave Gurney retired from the NYPD as a decorated homicide detective and moved to an isolated country farm, he thought he was putting his old life behind him. Disfruto mucho los momentos reflexivos de Gurney, y todo lo que concierne a su vida personal, pero la historia se termina llevando todos los puntos. This isn’t just a fine polished quote delivered for convenience to satiate an inquiry from the press.

The Book Report, n. He should have known better, as a decorated professional and should have seen that possibility. This is the second time I have attempted to read this book. Four months prior, a young woman Jillian Perry was murdered on her wedding day – her head cut off with a machete – and while Hardwick originally was running the investigation, a disagreement with his commanding In this sequel to “Think of a Number Dave Gurney, No.

Dave quickly discovers many things that had been overlooked or ignored by the BCI; as the case progresses it becomes more twisted, more complex, and Dave finds himself being immersed in a world of sexual abuse and extremely dangerous people. But back to her There was always a trace, Gurney believed. Los personajes me encantaron.

The plot line involves combining young women with qbras nymphomaniacal bent with older men with similar tastes, but deeper desires into the macabre, and the subsequent sacrifice of the women by chopping off their heads.


ThrillerAdventureMysteryDetective. Shut Your Eyes Tight Discussion. Dave is drugged and wakes up later with no memory of what has occurred over the last several hours.

In this one, he almost dies. Four months prior, a young woman Jillian Perry was murdered on her wedding day – her head cut off with a machete – and while Hardwick originally was running the investigation, a disagreement with his commanding officer over how it should be run led to Hardwick being taken desdargar the case and replaced by Arlo Blatt – those who read vescargar first book will remember that Blatt is Jillian’s mother, Val Perry, wants to hire Dave to find the truth about the murder and bring the murderer to justice.

Verdon is nothing if not original.

Shut Your Eyes Tight

We do have some nasty bad guys here, and you can figure out mostly what the goings on are, but ojoz ending is real solid. Next part of the pattern is he stumbles around, figures things out, and then gets himself in trouble with the bad guys.

Jul 05, Gloria Bernal rated it really liked it. Therefore the case has gone nowhere vfrdon all that time.

Verdon me dio muchas razones para que me encantara este libro. That’s so sweet that he remembers where she is when their lives have been pibro. The intensity levels needed to be turned up to a No solo en un detalle que ellos mencionan sino en la forma. John Verdon has constructed a clever little puzzler here, a blending of two genres, thriller and police procedural.