Fixation Options. CORAIL PINNACLE 17% Less Chance of Revision. Hip Prosthesis Fixation by Patient Age. What’s Your Fixation Choice in THR?. DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help. likes. Let the experienced lawyers at Kershaw, Cook & Talley help you with your defective hip. Please contact Bill Kershaw. Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics is on the hook for approximately $ million in damages in a bellwether.

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What should you do if your lawyer is not responding to you? When metal components dpeuy together, as they naturally do when a MoM artificial hip is implanted in a person, very small metal particles can be released into the tissue and the bloodstream. However, they will retry the case.

Joint replacement robotic surgery now available in the Midlands. I had one shot to even the score. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 1. The most recent skirmish has centered on allegations by plaintiffs suggesting that lawyers for DePuy Orthopaedics may have been trying to influence the testimony of a witness for the plaintiffs.



DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help shared a link. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 5.

DePuy Pinnacle Study called “grave fraud” – DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit

Hi, this is Stuart Talley. If you are reading this article, you probably already know that cobalt and chromium are two metals used in the construction of most metal-on-metal MoM artificial hip systems. Oral arguments were heard in the third bellwether trial that was appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Hodges and his paralegal were spot-on with every aspect of my case. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 4. How will this affect the Texas MDL cases?

DePuy Synthes Hip Portfolio

DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update: All- Please keep conversations dpuy comments civil. This is her story:. The product pinnaccle often requires revision surgery, and the injuries that result from the artificial hip failures change lives forever: These last terms have special meaning in law: For all metal-on-metal artificial hips, we have to start with the central question: DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help was live. In the last three DePuy Pinnacle artificial hip bellwether trials, three juries awarded the following amounts of money: Some of my clients have been asking me what is going on with the fourth Depuy Pinnacle bellwether trial.


Please keep in mind there may be no updates for quite some time but we will continue to post.

DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 2: Please only message us your questions. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 6: Please give us a call at with any questions.

Suzanne was forced to undergo revision surgery a year later. DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 7: Did it start this week? Looking forward to your depuu Shein was once expected to be called as a fact witness in the case by the plaintiffs. Sections of this page.