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Programas de Gestión del Riesgo

The Constitutional Court in its rulings has established that it is a duty of public officials to decfeto information requests in a substantial, prompt and efficient way and not only formally. Those CSOs are unwilling to take positions on political issues. Ballot preferences are not secret.

A recent example of a practice that can led to self censorship involved one of the main pro government media groups RCN, which reported that a former presidential advisor ordered the illegal wiretapping conducted by the DAS. Broadcast media groups are effectively prohibited, either by official requirements or by unofficial means, such as intimidation or fear. Amenazadas periodistas en Huila y Tolima por paramilitares y contratista de multinacional Fuente: During indigenous protests that took place in October Acin reported that their website was blocked and could not be accessed precisely when they were reporting about police shooting against protesters.

Some political parties are effectively barred from forming through some manner of official or unofficial pressure.

DECRETO DE by Eduard Guerrero on Prezi

Records costs are prohibitive to most citizens, journalists, or CSOs trying to access this information. However, despite these improvements, murders are still rrsiduos high, and threats and arbitrary detentions are on the increase, thus the security situation for trade unionists is still worrying.

The institutions of the Electoral Authority The National Electoral Council and the Registraduria Nacional del Estado Civil seem slower to act and to take on serious offensces against the integrity of the electoral process. As in other cases in Colombia, legislation about the right to form civil society organizations is complex.

In the 97th Meeting of ILO held in Junethe Colombian government declared that since there have been important advances in investigation as there have been judicial decisions on cases, 75 in Mayo 24 de http: In practice, the government does not create barriers to form a broadcast radio and TV media entity.


In both cases radio and TV adjudication is regulated according to the law 80 of Procurement Law. Decfeto sum, although there is no official policy of governmental censorship and despite the improvements for the security of journalists over the past years, free reporting, specially at the local level continues being limited by indirect forms of censorship such as legal harassment, manipulation of official publicity and stigmatization.

In these elections the MOE reported that cubicle conditions were not favorable to secret vote in Media groups generally act as disinterested parties in an election.

Formation of print media groups is possible, though there is some burden on the media group including overly complicated registration or residups requirements.

Febrero 9 de http: During the period studied, there were reported cases of irregular detention of civil society activists working on corruption issues. The Constitution contemplates three mechanisms to defend basic human rights, which are often used to appeal the denial of information requests. Juez ordena arresto de Daniel Coronell Fuente: Internet users are prevented by the government from reaching online content in some cases. At the regional level, sometimes mayors and governors can exert stronger pressures than at the national level through institutional propaganda.

Reporteros sin Fronteras Fecha: Third, although legally there are many ways for civil society activists to participate, in many cases there is incomplete knowledge about the range of mechanisms that can be used for this purpose. The mechanism used for information requests right of petition can be easily used by citizens without any cost, however obtaining information in practice may create costs especially for information on local governments or politically sensitive information.

Finally, blocking the access of the citizens, and especially media, hospktalarios documents is a cause for declaring bad behavior for a public servant.

Gestión integral RH Decreto / by Camila Andrea Díaz Barrera on Prezi

The law of to prevent pornography, exploitation, sexual tourism of children forbids users of global networks from publishing images, texts, documents, or vVideos related to sexual activities with children. In law, citizens have a right to form civil society organizations CSOs focused on anti-corruption or good governance.


Formation is possible, though there is some burden on the CSO. A YES score is earned if broadcast media companies are required by law to publicly disclose all owners of the company. In law, there is an established institutional mechanism through which citizens can request government records. Licenses are not required or can be obtained at minimal cost to the organization.

According to law, the financial accounts of parties have to be published in a national newspaper of wide circulation once the National Electoral Council has reviewed and certified the accounts.

Individuals appointed usually do not have clear political party affiliations. Government restrictions are in place at all times for certain topics.

National security exemptions may be abused to avoid hospiitalarios of government recreto. The Expert Commision expressed its concern about increases in violence in and urged the government to continue strengthening the investigation of cases of violence against unions.

The process of defining the cost of the license has been unclear and not transparent as stated by former Attorney General Edgardo Maya in December In TV, as well as in radio, it is important to note two tendencies that can be contradictory.

About these atypical elections the Mission of Electoral Observation MOE reported that on June 7,there were elections for local major in San Carlos-Antioquia and electoral observers noted how people accompanied voters to the voting cubicle, arguing that they helping elder, but in many cases they also accompanied not disabled people suggesting the possibility of proselitism and vote manipulation.

All other government documents should be available upon a public request.

Thus, in general, the panorama for the creation of community radio stations is positive although members of community networks report that the existing limit on broadcast power for community radio compared to commercial radio is justifiable in small municipalities but not in big ones.