So, now with 6 weeks and around 10 games under my belt, I’d like to share my newest list and experiences so far with hopes to provide. : Warhammer 40, Codex: Craftworld Eldar (): Gavin Thorpe, David Gallagher, etc.: Books. Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book. Index Eldar struggled, and there was a reason everyone was playing Ynnari. Now however.

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And almost all of them may find some big use. Combined with Pulse Laser Discharge, this stratagem can wreak absolute havoc on cratfworld everything in the game.

Vaul’s Might 1 CP: On top of a much lower likelyhood of even being hit in the first place thanks to their Holo-Fields.

Shuriken everywhere it’s nuts! Yvraine is practically mandatory.

Applicable Wraith Host Units: Used at the beginning of the game but before the first player turn has begun. Alaitoc wraiths, with wraithseer using webway strike, not pleasant.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

You must also declare one of them as your Warlord. All of them buff their own aspect in some fashion three of them provide re-rolling of 1s to hit; as a result, Fuegan and Maugan Ra don’t buff their Exarchs. Used whenever a friendly unit advances.

A bit of a one-trick pony, but not much is going to be walking craftworlc from that particular volley of Shuriken shots. FAQ confirms that Swooping Hawks can still drop grenades on any unit it flies over with this. Shining Spearsif cradtworld not fielding Howling Banshees or Wraithblades, should be your immediate go-to for Melee combat.


Pick a friendly Farseer. A note on Drop Pods: Jain Zar is a good defensive choice as disarm, always fighting first, and being native -1 to hit can provide some borderline unfair mismatches in the fight phase. Strategems which can naturally only be used by their specific craftworld in an attempt to augment what those forces already specialize in. To all the jetbike fans, this’ll let you slap heavy weapons back on your craftdorld so you can relive those 7th edition memories of “relentless” jetbikes.

The Avatar of Khaine is another perfect, if costly choice due to his potency in melee.


This lets you deep strike a single Infantry or Biker unit of your choice! In the meantime, they serve as excellent vector for RoB buffs not only for your Warlord, but for any additional Craftworld screening units you may have fielded alongside them.

If you’re planning a list with a lot of longer range elements like the dark reapers, I think it’s a good decision. Hemlock Wraithfighters may no longer be able to cast Conceal themselves, but this attribute will at the very least allow them to keep the -2 to hit modifier they used to have before the Codex’s release.

So technically craftwolrd gain no real special rule advantage in the Craftworld army list except Ancient Doom, but that is both a strength and a weakness.

Dodex the Craftworld attribute itself doesn’t offer much to these Wraith units compared to their craftworpd kin, the extra perks your HQs get access to particularly the Psytronome make these choices particularly fearsome in both melee and at range, with even Warhammer Community bragging about how a 5-statue blade squad can butcher a Land Raider in a single charge.

Shining Spears are the best unit by far for Ynnari to use as they will always benefit from any Soulburst action other than Psychicit’s very easy to have them wipe a small Tactical Squad or character then Soulburst over to a unit you want to Charge.


Codex Craftworlds After 6 Weeks : Eldar

Please follow the subreddit rules Other Relevant Subreddits: Just make sure the Spiritseer who sacrifices his invuln ducks out of LoS and hangs back for the rest of your turn. While a good amount of eldar cheese has craftworrld toned down since 8th edition launched, there are still a couple units that can perform spectacularly when grouped together. War Walkers and Heavy Weapon focused Wraithlords also appreciate the added durability Alaitoc offers, especially if they were going to spend their time as backline gunners.

While they can be quite crxftworld, they do only apply towards units with the respective Specialist Detachment keyword, meaning you’d have to very specifically design your army around these traits to take full advantage of them. Alternatively, Fire Prisms offer long range, flexible fire support that can stack the Linked Fire stratagem and Pulse Laser Discharge to erase one particular target a turn.

You have a good number of units that benefit more from Word of the Phoenix and Strength from Death than they ever would Battle Focus. Spice with the Psytronome of Iyanden if you want to guarantee the death of whatever you’re trying to punch.