MB Carsoft User – Car Diagnostic Tool MB Carsoft instruction – OBD China BMW Carsoft Software Installation manual – Hi, guys i dont know is this the right place to post this topic but here it goes, i have managed to get carsoft and i want to see how it works but. peugeot user manual at – Download free pdf files Ebay cpt.

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I could probably find a UK based Mercedes forum to find owners near me, but I have way too many forums to keep up to czrsoft with already! Module does not respond I got a c4 SD scanner for and it works great and. I was thinking to go for the 7.

I don’t think anyone looks unkindly on the carsoft software here, it’s just that whilst rumours abound of financial difficulties and non delivery no-one is going to recommend buying a system.

How much can we get MB star or Carsoft 7. Log in or Sign up. I included a picture of the port.

New products Specials All products Reviews. I tried to read individual modules digitally and with the analogue option. Thanks for any further input. I think the software is available on the internet for download Benzworld. It mainly for the car from to Their day is just starting.

DHL Free MCU controlled Interface MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer For Mercedes Auto Diagnostic Interface

There are manual “copy and paste” steps required for installation. Instrument Panel doesn’t read but I’m not sure it should on this year. Mnaual people don’t discard old computers. Does it need activation? If that works then at least you may have an option to help get it working. I think Dick may have had reason to use this little option in his reply. My zaga with carsoft ultimate v12 finally ended.


As for your troubles – I can’t help. I tried to complete a digital read of all modules and all I got was “module not build or does not respond”. mabual

For now I am satisfied enough and glad to have the ability to do some diagnoses on my own. I first tried with a compaq desktop that had 1GB RAM and a serial port and I could only access the Instrument Cluster module and very limited live data. I had the software for about 30 days before I started the proccess of getting the refund through paypal but I think you have 45 days max for this, but I didnt carrsoft to wait any longer.

help Carsoft user manual – Mercedes-Benz Forum

I am also quite suspiscious that all rumours seem to come from 2 people no matter how many websites you find them on, and could thus be totally unfounded and part of a maliscious campaign. I have searched and see that a few have been able to get this version czrsoft Carsoft to talk to their Sprinter.

Im waiting manusl a call back from belgium! I got errors like: We do suggest clients use the professional xp system, please check the file or the manual of how to setup MB carsoft 7. All I got from anything that might have been a relevant test area was failed communication errors.

I have a Freightliner Sprinter. Carsot, create an account now. No other modules recognized in the auto diagnostic, but reading ABS separately gave similar results. Feb 8, Location: I tried to do it on my W, there are no analogue tests successful.

Option 3 a unit nanual to be a multiplexer “all K lines wires” without software cd, and option 4 the same as option 3 but with a software CD. The Star tool has been great and the seller Chinese has been great with support.



The symptoms of my door locks point to the “crash impending” being set, Can you read the “crash” status? How do you install it? This message is a normal message. You have already rated this thread Rating: I’m confused because there is some mahual i. No, He must use the laptop which can connect with our device directly. I printed the report to PDF, copied to a carsotf drive, unhooked everything and took that report into the house to research the cryptic, unresearchable body fault codes I did have, just to get to know my new tools a little better.

Hopefully be in a position to find out this weekend. This is the problem of operating system or the wrong installation steps. I enabled the RS COM1 port, hooked it up to my E’s cafsoft pin connector, turned the ignition key to the run position and fired up the software.

I got a new RS cable If it still shows manuwl can’t connect to the modules you required then it something wrong. Ah, you apparently know nothing of UK white van drivers – I enjoy life too much to risk trying to flag one down: According to the Sprinter Forum, I can’t sort the users by location so I can’t tell how many members there are in or near Scotland The adapter cards seem to add to the the confusion.