HaChama Betkufata An Overview of Birkat HaChama – The Blessing of the Sun – and the year Solar Cycle Introduction On Wednesday. Birkat Hachamah vs. the Actual Date of the Spring Equinox .. If anyone is still interested in my article on Birkat Hachama (title is in the subject line of this post), . Birkat Hachamah (Blessing on the Sun): The existence of nearly all life on Earth is fueled by light from the sun. Some may call this phenomenon nature. We will.

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July 3,however, was on a Hachaama and not a Thursday because the 6 hours that accrued over each of the four years effectively adds another calendar day i. Moreover, the phrase Yehi Ohr is the Gematria ofand this year is the nd year from the end of the slated 6, years of this worlds ‘ existence!

HaChama Betkufata: An Overview of Birkat HaChama ~ Hirhurim – Musings

Lerman takes this as a hint that the astronomically astute Jewish sages of the time concluded that the Jewish year was a first year in the cycle of 28 years. This suggests that the third occurrence will also be accompanied by miracles.

December 5 2 October 7 9 a. There are seven words in the language of Chazal Hachwma — boxes in which there are twenty – eight letters.

Orthodox union

Thousands are expected at the Western Wall Wednesday morning. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Birkat Hachamah.

Year 2 — The Midrash [39] expounds on the verse Kohelet 1: And this is to believe that in truth that he will come and that you should be waiting for him even though he delays in coming. Furthermore, it is said Bereshit And how does it all fit into our calendar?

HaShem said “Let there be light”. Birchat Hachama, Blessing of the Sun: This suggests that it is an even longer period till it occurs also on erev Pesach However, we do not take this into account for Birchat HaChama, since the day of the month is determined by the moonwhereas the sun alone determines hours, days, and years.


In the fifth year, there will be great plenty, and people will eat and drink and rejoice, and the Torah will again be renewed. Yeshua has a Pesach seder. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Erev Pesachis the day that we slaughtered the god of the Egyptians a lamb. Additionally, on erev Pesach, a ceremony called a siyum, which marks the completion of a volume of Jewish learning, is typically held on behalf of the first-born males. They argue if the solar year is exactly days and 6 hours as Shmuel or as known as Tekufat Rav Ada the solar year is measured as days 5 hours chalakim and 48 regaim[21] days 5 hours 55 minutes and 25 seconds[22].

Birkat Hachama

Yohanan said, In the generation in which the son of David comes, disciples of sages will perish, and those that remain will have faint vision, with suffering and sighing, and terrible troubles will come on the people, and harsh decrees will be renewed.

And I will cause it to rain upon one city and cause it not to rain upon another city ; [22] in the second, the arrows of hunger will be birrkat forth; [23] in the thirda great faminein the course of which men, women, and children, pious men and saints [24] will die, and the Torah will be forgotten by its students; in the fourthpartial plenty; [25] in the fifthgreat plenty, when men will eatdrink, and rejoice, and the Torah will return to its disciples; in the sixth[Heavenly] sounds; [26] in the seventh, wars; and at the conclusion of the septennate the son of David hirkat come the first year of the next Shmita cycle.

Abba bar Kahana, The son of David will come only to a generation which is liable for total extermination.

Thus, inon Erev Pesachthe very night that we are doing hacama bedikat chametz searching for leavenwe will experience a double portion of hitchadshut, of the power of renewal, and during the eighth year of a Shmita cycle that has its own power of redemption built in. For it is said: Halacha maintains that the Sun was created in the position of the vernal equinox immediately after sundown on the fourth day of the week of Creation, which is equivalent to sunset on Tuesday of that week.


October 7 3 p.

There are twenty – eight letters in the first verse of the Torah [42]. Mathematically, if one knows the position of a certain year burkat both cycles, one can compute the number associated to the year modulo 19 times 28given that the starting point of both cycles is year 1. It last occurred erev Passover in and before that in Additional sources – “Maimonides” Laws of Blessings The eve of Pesach is also known as the fast of the firstborn.

A time to laugh.

Birkat Hachama – A prayer 28 years in the making

Now if Pesach falls on the same day of the week as the Pesach of the Exodusthen we will also have other festivals that are on the same day of the week as they were in the days of the Exodus:. Chazal our Sages had a tradition that the Sun was created at the vernal equinox position when day and night have equal lengthat the beginning of the night of the fourth day, in year one of our counting.

Because both the Julian calendar and Jewish tradition define a solar year as exactly And while there are many prayer gatherings planned around Jerusalem, the biggest shebang will be right at the Western Wall.

In the first day of creation – in creating the light – Ohr – it says “Yehi Ohr”.