The aim of this study is to compare two pulpotomy medicaments in primary molars Pulpotomy Dental Caries, Drug: Biodentine Drug: ProRoot. Extensive Decay in Primary Molars, Drug: Biodentine pulpotomy Drug: White MTA Pulpotomy using Tempophore as pulpotomy medicine in a control group. Biodentine pulpotomy was performed followed as pulpotomy medicament in primary molar teeth, on follow-up it was found to be successful.

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The resultant arch length loss can compromise succedaneous tooth eruption in the buccal segments. It loses its antibacterial capacity when it comes in contact with tissue fluid due to decrease in its acidic pH.

Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Four case reports

Revisiting traumatic pulpal exposure: At each recall 24 hours, 1 week, 30 days, 3, 6, 12, phlpotomy 18 biodentindno spontaneous pain was observed; the pulp showed signs of vitality and absence of periapical radiolucency after 18 months.

They concluded that PCEM significantly reduced post-operative pain and showed a higher radiographic success rate than conventional RCT [ 15 ]. The aim of this review was to compare the clinical and radiographic success of Biodentine compared to MTA.

Int Endod J ; Hence, a partial pulpotomy procedure was carried out for 11 [ Figure 1 ]. On the other hand, biodentine is not recommended in large or esthetic build-ups [ 5 ]. In biodentnie multicentric, randomized, 3-year prospective study by Koubi et al, class I and II posterior restorations and 24 direct pulp capping cases showed no clinical complications after 6 biosentine [ 27 ].


Endodontic treatment of teeth with apical periodontitis. Perforation is a procedural complication that can occur during endodontic treatment bioodentine post space preparation of teeth [ 59 ]. Conventionally, few-days-old pulp exposures have been treated with root canal treatment. Cohen S, Bums RC, editors. It sets within minutes, which allows full restorations to be completed in one office visit.

Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Four case reports

The histology of teeth showed a complete dentinal bridge formation with well-arranged layers of odontoblasts that formed tubular dentine under the osteodentine. Many in vivo and in vitro studies support its bioactivity as well as its successful performance in many clinical applications [ 110 – 23 ].

Since a long time, calcium hydroxide has been used widely as an apical plug in teeth with necrotic pulps and open apices [ 47 ]. After 6 weeks, the teeth were extracted, stained with hematoxylin-eosin.

Biodentine pulpotomy consisted of pulp tissue removal to a depth of 2 mm, then capping the pulpal wound with Biodentine, followed by immediate restoration. Blood contamination had no effect on the push-out bond strength of Biodentine, irrespective of the duration of setting time. References [1] Pulpootmy LS.

In evaluating the in vitro marginal integrity, koubi et al. An ideal perforation repair material should provide a tight seal between the oral environment and periradicular tissues [ 59 ]. Patient gave history of pain on stimulation of the exposed tooth only when it came in contact with food and was otherwise painless. Biodentine has several advantages which include good bioedntine ability, adequate compressive strength, and short setting time, which provide a significant clinical advantage over other comparable materials.

Clinical Applications of Biodentine in Pediatric Dentistry: A Review of Literature

J Clin Diagn Res. Biodentine is an excellent material with innumerable qualities required of an ideal material. Dent Clin North Am. Biodentine does not require a two step obturation as in the case of MTA [ 6 ]. Although cases 3 and 4 did not reveal a distinct barrier formation, there was an increase in radio-opacity in the radicular pulp adjacent to the layer of Biodentine. Parirokh M, Torabinejad M. They suggested the use of tricalcium silicate cement should be considered as a conservative intervention in the treatment of symptomatic immature teeth.


This alkaline change promotes an unfavorable environment for bacterial growth and leads to the disinfection basification of surrounding hard and soft tissues [ 56 ]. A clinical trial of pulpotomy vs. In accordance to the favorable results of our cases, a reasonable argument supporting mature tooth pulpotomy in cases of irreversible pulpitis can be stated.

Case 2 A year-old male patient reported to our department with the complaint of a fractured upper front tooth.

Case selection including age, status of pulp and control of bleeding; however, remains an important criterion for the same. Dent Clin North Am ; MTA pulpotomy of human permanent molars with irreversible pulpitis.

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Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: June 11, Citation: Please review our privacy policy. After complete clinical and radiographic examination, a diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis was made in the involved tooth.