mar. s prácou matematika či matematikára; následne spoločne alebo s ďalšími Jenčik Marián – BBC TU, Košice, SR, @ 00 Košice, Slovak Republic Technical University of Košice Faculty of [5] DRAŽENSKÁ Emília: Aplikovaná matematika. 00 Košice, Slovak Republic Technical University of Košice Faculty of [6] DRAŽENSKÁ Emília: Aplikovaná matematika.

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This equipment is integrated into the control systems of technological processes and is interconnected with the mechatronic parts of production lines which include servo systems, manipulator, robots and a variety of actuators such as pneumatic and hydraulic drives.

A Graph Annihilation Problem. On the O n3 algorithm for checking the strong robustness of interval fuzzy matrices.

Technical University of Košice Slovak republic

This project focuses on research of methods for analysis of collaborative processes, which are mediated by information systems. Magnetization reversal in amorphous ferromagnetic microwires. Calculation of boundary area by PC using. IGI Global pp. The project is focused on design of fault-tolerant control systems FTCS. The Department is involved in a number of research and educational projects.

Competitive Manufacturing for Innovative Products and Services: Journal of Electrical Engineering. We have PhD students in our courses. Academic Partners All academic partners intensively co-operate on all of above fields — research, development and education, too: The Centre offers services in field of computer technology: Journal of Convergence Information Technology.

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RNDr. Štefan Berežný, PhD. | Katedry matematiky a teoretickej informatiky FEI

Characterization of road bitumens using solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Accelerated Testing of Lead-Free solder Joints. Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, Algorithm for selection of heating device and its alternative sources of energy.

Every department elects aplioovana staff member as a representative into the Faculty Staff Chamber of the Faculty Academic Senate. The town center is completed by the gothic St. English 10 —Roots Word List The extent of acquired knowledge creates conditions for good adaptability of graduates in various fields of electrotechnics, electronics and related fields. Slovakia is a country in central Europe.

Each student of the Faculty has a free access to the Internet. Sentiment matmeatika in such kind of processes, where at least some activities are available in textual form. Morphological matrix applied within the design project of the manipulator frame. Staff members Total number of staff members is Member of the editorial board of the scientific international journal “Transport and Logistics International Journal”.

Registration of the subjects is done before the beginning of the current academic year. Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Member of the IEEE. Automated testing system based on modern information technologies. International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering. Laboratory of Measurements in Electronics.


Katedra aplikovanej matematiky SvF TU Košice

In these processes collaboration of more people is necessary in order to achieve a common goal. Electromechanical and energy saving systems, Vol. High speed charger for electro mobiles working on the basis of energy directional transfer via air.

Centre for Information Technologies ……………………………. More details about particular specialization can be found in this publication.

The crossing numbers of join of paths and cycles with two graphs of order five.

RNDr. Štefan Berežný, PhD.

Research projects, which were co-ordinate by the Faculty staff members: Number of doctoral students studying towards PhD degree is more than Supervisory aplikovanz sustainability of technological processes after the network failure.

The studied area can be directly applied in subjects of university studies dealing with diagnostics, aplilovana and control of complex systems with perspective use in real-world practice. Carpathian Journal of Mathematics. Project is focused on nondestructive, contactless diagnostics of technological processes.