The Alula-TREK is ready to start the journey no matter where you go. The world’s most popular birdsimilar RC Nurflügler is back and smarter than ev. The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and. Often after climbing for awhile I simply loose the thermal and the Alula-Trek starts gliding down. Then the search for the next thermal begins or I.

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The two wing joiner tubes get glued into the wings in the spots molded for them. I went through a number of dlg planes hk mini, dreamflight libelle but Alula Aluls after few hours of getting used to proven to be the most reliable, the most roughbust plane I ever had. I found at my local thermal field the Trek like’s to fly faster, penetrates the wind better had a better glide path than my Evo.

Dream-Flight Alula-Trek – RC Models – DLG F3K Hand Launch

In the end these changes, in my opinion made the design better in flight too. New wing design with fully encapsulated carbon-fiber joiner rod and easy-install carbon-fiber wing spars. An other alternative would be the ‘La Piuma’ powered Glider, which has a 1. I can’t wait to get to a slope alual try it out, most people told me it flew great in slope conditions.


I thought of making one out of foam and parts laying around to save tlider. I’m very pleased with the kit and the service provided by Hyperflight. I have yet to fly it but if it’s anything like my first, I don’t anticipate any issues. I found it extremely helpful to limit the travel of the elevator to the recommended throws in the dual rate setups given above.

My thanks to Jeff and Guy for their help with the media and to our editor for her assistance with this review. I know that there will be more Alulas in my club after the success of the New Years Day flights.

She can also be thermal flown from hand tosses and Jeff had the longest thermal flight on New Year’s Day.

I got a spare battery too. Dream-Flight mAh 4.

Precision-molded EPO foam and composite parts ensure a lightweight and durable airframe. Thermo-formed belly skid for landing protection. Oh well, no harm, no foul! Dreamflight has announced that they will be producing a new batch of Alula’s soon Log In to reply. High rates are used by me for the more aerobatic flying discussed below.

In thermal flight the improved glide path and laula slightly smoother handling seemed to let me get more climb from a thermal and longer duration out of the thermal. Is it possile for you guys to build a glider? Jeff throws the Alula harder and with his left hand.


No glue or sanding was required for the Alula-Trek. M H Alula Trek Quality.

Dream Flight Alula Trek

The two servos plug into the aileron and elevator channels on the receiver and I am using the first Elevon option from the wing programming on my DX9. Last edited alulla TBolt; Jan 11, at How do these planes work as flatland thermalers? Looks like fun Mike! Maybe for a powered version you use a stick mount motor mount.

I rewatched this one after the DLG episode and just this time noticed the extra Uploaded are drawings, templates and some photos Oct 19, When the energy from the hand launch has been lost I level off the Alula-Trek and go in search of a thermal to lift the Alula-Trek up higher.

I was going to ask the same thing. I used some kicker to help the CA set up quickly.